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Abdallah Al Alfy

Born and mostly raised in Cairo, Egypt (But also a little in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Alfy is a writer and author based in Toronto, Canada. Being a bit of a polymath, Alfy is also a licensed pharmacist in some jurisdictions. Because of this diverse background, Alfy is fortunate enough to write within a wide variety of fields & genres, from science & medicine, and critical review, through fiction & poetry, and onto historical & political commentary. Alfy is the proud author of  Islam Versus Muslims , and the not so proud author of another book written under a pseudonym. When not writing for pleasure or drowning in content and technical writing tasks, Alfy enjoys forcing his family and friends to listen to his lectures about history. Alfy goes by his family name to make things easier for English speakers, since many of his Arabic-speaking friends already call him by it, but you can call him Abdallah if you promise not to butcher the pronunciation.

Reach out to Alfy  via email or social media,  read Alfy’s blogs on Medium , or if you’re out of free reads, you can  catch a lot of the same content on his website .

You can also  buy Islam Versus Muslims on Amazon & Kindle  or download a  FREE PDF of it on Alfy’s Website .


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Antarah ibn Shaddad representation from an old manuscript.  Source: Public Domain

Antarah ibn Shaddad and the Origins of Chivalry in Pre-Islamic Arabia

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