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Igor Oakwood

Igor Oakwood is born in Brussels on 20 September 1979. He grew up in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium but now lives with his family in the French-speaking part, next to the wonderful Han-caves where he works as a tourist guide since 2014. He also organizes special tours in the caves around the subjects described in his books.

In 2004, he obtained his first diploma as a Translator-Interpreter. Later he also studied Intercultural Communication & Management and Herbalism. After his studies, he starts to travel and during his first big trip to Mexico and Guatemala, he receives an intense shamanic initiation of the Quiché-Maya in Palenque in which the secrets of the Galactic alignment of our solar system are revealed. In order to share his insights, he writes his first books 'Talen van de Dageraad' and organizes several shamanic festivals and conferences in Belgium between 2007 and 2013. 

The years following several consciousness-altering events, Igor begins to search for scientific information about the hidden dimensions of reality, quantum physics, neurochemistry, interdimensional portal mechanics, psychic abilities and many other exciting mysteries of our world. The ability to read in five different languages offers him the not to be under-estimated opportunity to draw information from a much broader platform than many other researchers. These 15 years of research, together with his wonderful true story full of synchronicity and interdimensional intelligence is now finally synthesized in one book , ‘ Hallu Cygns: Language of Creation’ available here from Amazon.


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