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Gary Manners

Gary is an editor and content manager for Ancient Origins. He has a BA in Politics and Philosophy from the University of York and a Diploma in Marketing from CIM. He has worked in education, the educational sector, social work and personal development. Gary has an interest in societies and social order, people’s values and social structures and generally how societies work. He has experienced life in several types of social order, from Liberal Western Democracy (mainly), to Socialist, Communist and even a Buddhist lifestyle in China.


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Reconstruction of Amenhotep II. Source: Cicero Moraes

Unveiling the Face of Amenhotep III: The 'Richest Man Who Ever Lived'

Amenhotep III, one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt, reigned during the height of Egypt's power 3,400 years ago. Known for his unparalleled wealth and grand architectural achievements,...
Archaeologists recording the previously found Bronze age cist burial at the Whitehorse Hill site.  Source: Courtesy of Dartmoor National Park Authority via Devon Live

Potential Bronze Age Burial Chamber Discovered on Dartmoor

What appears to be a Bronze Age burial chamber has been unearthed on Dartmoor, promising to deepen our understanding of Devon's ancient history. This discovery, potentially dating back 4,000 years,...
Gold torc stolen from Ely Museum, Cambridgeshire, UK.     Source: © Trustees of the British Museum

Priceless Bronze Age Treasures Stolen from Ely Museum

In a distressing turn of events, the Ely Museum in England has been the victim of a daring theft that resulted in the loss of invaluable Bronze Age artifacts. The theft, which occurred in the early...
Left; Ogham script on Bambie Thug cheek, Middle; translation, Right; Ogham stone found in Coventry. 	Source: Left, center; Reddit Right; The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Ogham Script Not Only Found on Eurovision Contestants Bambie Thug

Bambie Thug have kicked up a storm for having a Palestinian protest message hidden in plain sight during their performances in the run up to the Eurovision final this Saturday. The messages were...
Left; Charles Darwin, Right; Tucker Carlson.	Source: Left; Julius Jääskeläinen/CC BY 2.0 Right; Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2-0

Does Tucker Carlson Have A Point About the Theory of Evolution?

In a recent episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience," Tucker Carlson made controversial statements regarding Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, suggesting that there is "no evidence" to support the...
The ancient Mesoamerican board game ‘Patolli’ board from Ancient Origins. Source: Ancient Origins

Reviving Patolli: The Ancient Mesoamerican Game of Strategy and Fortune

Patolli, an ancient game of strategy and chance, once captivated the minds and hearts of Mesoamerica. It is one of the oldest games known in the Americas, with evidence for it being found in cultures...
Left; Bust of Greek Philosopher Plato. Right; the carbonized Herculaneum papyri being studied.	Source: Left; CC BY-SA 4.0, Right; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Plato’s Final Resting Place in Athens Revealed!

The revolutionary scanning and study of the Herculaneum papyri has revealed remarkable new details about the philosopher Plato, including the precise location of his burial. This significant...
A handful of the medieval coin hoard found in Visingsö, Sweden	Source: Jönköping County Museum

Sensational Silver Discovery on Visingsö Alters Medieval Coin History

In an extraordinary archaeological find, at a medieval graveyard at Brahekyrkan on Visingsö island, Sweden, has yielded around 170 silver coins dating back to the mid-12th century, casting new light...
Left; Carved pendant plaque of a human head from the burial. Right; Jade Mask in fragments. Source: C. Halperin/Antiquity

Ritual Burning of Royal Remains Marked Maya Regime Change

Researchers in Guatemala have unearthed fascinating evidence of a dramatic ritual burning of royal remains, pointing to a significant political shift in the ancient Maya city of Ucanal. This find not...
left; the recently excavated Greek-Illyrian helmet, Right; archaeologists extracting the helmet at the site. Source: Dubrovnik Museums

2,500-Year-Old Greek-Illyrian Helmet Discovered in Croatia

Archaeologists in Croatia have recently made a significant discovery on the Pelješac Peninsula, unearthing a Greek-Illyrian helmet that dates back to the 6th century BC. This find is the second such...
Alan Baxter with his detecting equipment. Source: Alan Baxter

The Carrot Patch Hoard: A Detectorist's Dream Comes True

In a fortunate turn of events, a routine carrot harvest in Fife, Scotland, led to the remarkable discovery of a hoard of ancient coins dating back 500 years. Alan Baxter, a 44-year-old detectorist...
The tomb containing the three skeletons, two of which are thought to be victims of Neolithic ritual sacrifice was built in the style of a silo, or pit for storing grain, within a small wooden structure and surrounded by a trench.         Source: Ludes et al/ Science Advances

Investigation of Tomb Burial Reveals Sick Neolithic Ritual Sacrifices

Recent research has unearthed chilling evidence of ritual sacrifices in Neolithic Europe, a practice that involved the gruesome method of "incaprettamento" - tying victims' necks to their bent legs,...
Left; Byzantine silverware, Right; Medieval silver coins from the study.	Source: Left; Johnbod/CC BY-SA 4.0, Right; Antiquity Publications Ltd

Medieval England’s Sudden Silver Currency Conversion Solved

After years of speculation, researchers have finally traced the origins of Europe's revolutionary adoption of silver coins in the mid-7th century, uncovering a tale of economic evolution and...
Left; part of one of the murals, Right; Entrance to the mastaba. Source: Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities

Mastaba With Stunning Murals Unearthed in Dahshur Necropolis

In the shadow of the ancient pyramids of Dahshur, a remarkable discovery has once again highlighted Egypt's enduring legacy as a cradle of human civilization. Thanks to the diligent efforts of a...
The thousand-year-old preserved human brain of an individual excavated from the c. 10th century churchyard of Sint-Maartenskerk in Ypres, Belgium. This specimen is among more than 4,000 recorded in a newly compiled archive.                           Source: Alexandra L. Morton-Hayward/Royal Society Publishing

Ancient Human Brains Found Preserved Through Millennia

In a revelation that is stirring the archaeological community, a recent study has demonstrated that human brains can survive the test of time far better than previously believed. This finding, led by...
Bronze swords and spearheads, recovered from the Warring States Period Cemetery. Source: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Warring States Period Cemetery With Pristine Weapons Discovered in China

Archaeologists in China have made the exciting discovery of a sprawling cemetery from the Warring States period, over 2,200 years ago. They have excavated many ancient tombs and more than 500...