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Dr Roberto

Born in Rome, Dr Roberto Volterri graduated in archaeology with an experimental thesis in archaeometry in the mid-'80s after previous university studies in Biology.  As an academic, he worked in university research (Archaeometallurgy) for more than 40 years, after he took the very important position as “Field Engineering and Advertising Manager” in an electronics industry (also Motorola), for about 10 years. Currently he continues to collaborate with the University of Rome II for studies using Scanning Electron Microscopy on metallic materials. He has been dealing with archaeometallurgy studying findings of all metals through amenable survey techniques, such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-ray Diffractometry and Energy Dispersion Microanalysis (EDS). He then dedicated himself to more articulated research in the historical-archaeological context, but framed from a 'frontier' point of view. In addition to about 350 articles dedicated to the 'mysterious' issues published in the Arcani, Abstracta and Hera (of which he was also the Scientific Consultant), from around 2000 to 2009/2010., he participated in radio broadcasts (Totem, on RTL 102.5) and television both on RAI (Voyager) networks and on private broadcasters (Stargate and Il Sogno dell'Angelo) and has published over 40 books since 1976. Eight of his books are now at the Library of the University of Yale ) and four others are at the Library of the Congress in Washington, D.C .

His books are available at the following sites:*&limitTo=none&recCount=50&searchType=1&

It would be very hard to hope to find some of the artifacts described in Archeologia Dell’Impossible in some museum. Why? It's simple: because ... they do not exist or have never existed. At least 'officially'. This work, therefore, would like to fill this gap and should be understood as a real manual of "heretical archeology", indispensable to all those researchers of the unknown who want to face an experimental study on "possible ancient technologies", with the indispensable mental openness necessary to undertake a road full of obstacles, but above all with full respect for scientific orthodoxy.


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