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ArticleSaint Brendan and His Epic Voyage: Was the Irish Saint the First European in the New World? dhwty15 hours 55 min ago
ArticleThe Elusive Ayia Napa Sea Monster - Is It Really Out There? dhwty111 hours 44 min ago
ArticleTraditional African Medicine and its Role in Healing in a Modern World dhwty21 day 19 min ago
ArticleThe Intricate World of Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers, and Corsairs dhwty21 day 43 min ago
ArticleSaint George, The Dragon Slayer: The Legend Behind the Hero dhwty61 day 8 hours ago
ArticleSolid Muldoon: Petrified Prehistoric Man was an Elaborate and Daring Hoax dhwty01 day 13 hours ago
ArticleHermes: Messenger of the Gods and Patron of Traders, Travelers, and Thieves dhwty02 days 13 hours ago
ArticleThe Seljuks: Nomads Who Built an Empire and Took On Byzantine Power dhwty03 days 1 hour ago
ArticleIs the Island of Dolls Haunted? An Eerie Tribute to a Little Mexican Girl dhwty03 days 8 hours ago
ArticleThe Real Story of Medusa: Protective Powers from a Snake-Haired Gorgon dhwty163 days 12 hours ago
ArticleWhat is Chauvinism? Tracing the Term from the Legendary Nicolas Chauvin to Misogyny dhwty03 days 13 hours ago
ArticleGeronimo: The Apache Warrior that fought to Avenge the Slaughter of his Family dhwty24 days 43 min ago
ArticleThe Dark Underworld of the Paris Catacombs dhwty14 days 1 hour ago
ArticleNotre Dame de Paris: Survivor of 850 Years of Upheaval, Revolution, World Wars and Fire dhwty14 days 6 hours ago
ArticleThe Outstanding Story of Osiris: His Myth, Symbols, and Significance in Ancient Egypt Alicia McDermott15 days 12 hours ago
ArticleThe Fiji Mermaid: What Was the Abominable Creature and Why Was It So Popular? dhwty25 days 16 hours ago
ArticleWere the Chislehurst Caves Originally Created By Druids? dhwty26 days 10 hours ago
ArticleAre the Distinctive Kalash People of Pakistan Really Descendants of Alexander the Great’s Army? dhwty76 days 20 hours ago
ArticleThe End of the Huns: The Death of Attila and the Fall of the Hunnic Empire dhwty11 week 17 hours ago
ArticleEdwin Smith Papyrus: 3,600-Year-Old Surgical Treatise Reveals Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Medical Knowledge dhwty01 week 2 days ago
ArticleXerxes The Great: The Powerful Persian King Whose Death Destroyed an Empire dhwty21 week 3 days ago
ArticleThe Hell of Tartarus, Ancient Greek Prison of the Damned dhwty11 week 3 days ago
ArticleKing Leonidas of Sparta and the Legendary Battle of the 300 at Thermopylae dhwty21 week 3 days ago
ArticleBlack Caesar: The African Chief Who Was Captured by Slavers and Became a Pirate dhwty01 week 4 days ago
ArticleSangam Literature: These Tantalizing Tales Offer a Window into Ancient Tamil Life dhwty11 week 4 days ago


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