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TypeTitleAuthorRepliesLast updated
ArticleNew Evidence Challenges Human Transport Theory in Stonehenge Bluestones Theodoros Karasavvas05 days 20 hours ago
ArticleBeliefs on Chichén Itzá's Sacrificial Past Overturned by Ancient DNA Theodoros Karasavvas06 days 21 hours ago
ArticleTo Open or Not to Open The 1,650-Year-Old Speyer Wine Bottle? Theodoros Karasavvas43 weeks 4 days ago
ArticleLady of Cao Comes to Life: Face of Peruvian Priestess Reconstructed from 1,700-Year-Old Mummy Theodoros Karasavvas01 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleHedonistic ‘Sunken City of the Caesars’ Recaptured By Divers After 1,700 Years Theodoros Karasavvas08 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleNew Analysis Proves Most If Not All Bronze Age Iron Came From Space Theodoros Karasavvas09 months 5 days ago
ArticleThe Evolution of Human Birth: An Incredible Story a Million Years in the Making Theodoros Karasavvas810 months 3 weeks ago
ArticleAncient Remains of Important Bronze Age City of the Akkadian Empire Found in Iraq Theodoros Karasavvas111 months 2 weeks ago
ArticleAncient DNA Analysis Reveals the ‘Mythical’ Heritage of Modern Greeks Theodoros Karasavvas181 year 6 days ago
ArticleWhy Are So Many Ancient Egyptian Statues Missing Their Noses? Theodoros Karasavvas261 year 2 weeks ago
Article7.2 million-Year-Old Pre-Human Fossil A Challenge to Out of Africa? Theodoros Karasavvas191 year 1 month ago
Article3,200-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Mummy Discovered in Great Shape in Luxor Theodoros Karasavvas01 year 3 months ago
Article How Did an Enormous Statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh End Up Fragmented in a Mud Pit? Theodoros Karasavvas01 year 3 months ago
ArticleWhy did King Tut Have Possibly the First Three-Part Folding Camp Bed Ever Made? Theodoros Karasavvas31 year 3 months ago
ArticleNew Necropolis Containing at Least Seventeen Mummies Unearthed in Egypt Theodoros Karasavvas01 year 3 months ago
ArticleRuins of Ramses II Temple Unearthed in Giza's Abusir Theodoros Karasavvas01 year 3 months ago
ArticleEntrance to 3,700-Year-Old Previously Unknown Pyramid Discovered in Egypt Theodoros Karasavvas31 year 3 months ago
ArticleLeaving an Impression: Footprints Left by Children Found in Ancient Capital of Ramesses II Theodoros Karasavvas01 year 3 months ago
ArticleAncient Egyptian Pharaoh Sa-Nakht May Have Been a Giant, New Study Suggests Theodoros Karasavvas11 year 3 months ago
ArticleNumerous Statues of Sekhmet, The Lioness Goddess of War, Unearthed in Egypt Theodoros Karasavvas21 year 3 months ago
ArticleRagnar Lothbrok: A Real Viking Hero Whose Life Became Lost to Legend Theodoros Karasavvas41 year 5 months ago
ArticleNew Stash of Mysterious Homo Naledi Bones Shows They Coexisted with Homo Sapiens Theodoros Karasavvas21 year 6 months ago
ArticleObjects with Viking Rune Inscriptions Unearthed in Denmark’s Oldest Town Theodoros Karasavvas11 year 7 months ago
Article DNA Analysis Suggests Cats Chose to Be Domesticated Theodoros Karasavvas01 year 8 months ago
ArticleNew Analysis of Ancient DNA Proves that Canaanites Survived Biblical Massacre Theodoros Karasavvas31 year 8 months ago