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Ben Gazur

Ben earned his PhD in biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh and has since been focussed on writing about history. His articles have covered everything from the origins of prehistoric art, to the history of homosexuality, to ancient Greek philosophy. He has written for the BBC, the Guardian, the Wellcome Collection, Art UK, Fortean Times, and numerous other outlets. When not writing about history he searches for it on the Thames foreshore while out mudlarking. He is the author of Epicurus and his Influence on History  (2023) by Pen and Sword History.


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Aspasia surrounded by Greek philosophers, by Michel Corneille the Younger  (1670) Versailles (Public Domain)

Elusive Epicurus, Hellenistic Greek Philosopher In Search Of Happiness

Epicurus was a fourth-third century BC Hellenistic philosopher who established his school, called The Garden, in Athens, where even women and slaves were welcomed. Epicureanism opposed Platonism and...