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James Carney

James T. Carney is graduate of Yale College and the Yale Law School. In his semi- retirement, he has returned to his first love- history with a specialization in the American Civil War and the Last Century of the Roman Republic. His biography of L. Sergius Catilina entitled Catiline; Rebel of the Roman Republic


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Cicero Denounces Catiline in the Roman Senate by Cesare Maccari (1889) (Public Domain)

Conspiracy in Rome: Catiline The Eternal Villian?

L. Sergius Catilina (106 BC to 62 BC) was a Roman soldier and politician who attempted unsuccessfully to overthrow the Roman Republic following his second defeat for consul due to the efforts of his...
The Oath of Catiline, by Joseph-Marie Vien (1809) (Public Domain)

Catiline’s Ambition: Born And Bred For Roman Consulship

L. Sergius Catilina (106 to 62 BC), or Catiline, who eventually led a failed revolt against the Roman Republic, embodied the virtues and vices of members of his class and generation. Catiline was...