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Steve Nichols

Steve Nichols originated the Median Vision theory when he was an undergraduate in 1979. He published Enochian Chess in 1982 with grant from Prince Charles and help from Francis Regardie. He later developed a software version, and was also the first to publish WB Yeats's Celtic Twilight extension to Enochian Chess . Befriending Arthur C. Clark and other radical futurists and he founded  the Posthuman Movement in 1988. He developed an interest in Buddhism, specifically Tibetan; and also in ancient Egypt which seems to him to be the stem culture for most existent religious and magical thought.Helearnt Middle Egyptian with Harold Hays at Leiden University and programmed a neural net translator to help with his research into Zenet (later Senet) and other early games.

He is a psychotherapist, musician, with a MSc in Neural Computation CCCN Stirling and is currently serving as Vice Chancellor of the Posthuman University. He is the author of the trilogy: Rosicrucian Chess of The Golden Dawn;   Khemetic Enochian Chess  and W.B. Yeats’s Celtic Enochian Chess Enochian Chess.


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