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Caroline Freeman-Cuerden

Caroline Freeman-Cuerden has an undergraduate degree in Latin and a masters in Classics and Ancient History. She has taught English in Brazil, Portugal and South Korea. A lifelong animal lover, she became even more interested in the human relationship with animals after trying to save the lives of the two dogs who lived on her Korean roof (yes, the roof). Caroline is the author of Veterans’ Voices: Coventry’s Unsung Heroes of the Second World War. She lives in the Midlands, UK. Her latest book is called:  Battle Elephants and Flaming Foxes.


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Gladiatoren im Kolosseum by Eugène Delacroix (Public Domain)

Big Cats For The Fat Cats Of Ancient Rome

Emperor Caracalla kept a favorite lion, Acinaces, as a pet, but not all Romans’ obsession for big feline predators boded well for the animals. “It is believed that a dying lion bites the earth and...
Chariot race in Rome's Circus Maximus, as if seen from the starting gate. The Palatine Hill and Imperial palace are to the left, by Jean Léon Gérôme (1876) (Public Domain)

The Life Of A Celebrity Roman Chariot Horse

“The horses burst through the sky and with swift-hooved feet cut a dash through the clouds, which blocked their way as borne on wings they passed the east wind .” (Ovid, Metamorphoses II.157–60) The...