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Bernie Taylor

Bernie Taylor is a naturalist and archaeoastronomer whose research explores the origins of mankind’s creativity and awareness of the natural world through Upper Paleolithic cave art. Taylor entered this area through field work on the migration timing of salmon in the Pacific Northwest that was in conjunction with state fish and wildlife agencies. The lunar-timing findings of the research lead to similar studies of other animals, how this biological knowledge was held in indigenous lunar calendars and represented in European Ice Age art. Taylor’s work later expanded after identifying recognizable constellations and mythological narratives depicted in Iberian Upper Paleolithic caves. These revelations led to his deeper interest in the psychology of the human mind.


Taylor has presented his research at a long list of humanities and science conferences as well as dozens of talks in universities at the undergraduate and graduate levels, science societies, governmental fish and wildlife agencies, and tribal schools and councils. He is a regular guest on podcasts, now developing his own. Taylor’s work has been published in the astronomy and archaeology literature and his most recent book in this area is Before Orion: Finding the Face of the Hero ( 2017). More on Taylor’s work can be found at


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Reproduction of Lascaux artwork in Lascaux II (Jack Versloot/ CC BY-SA 2.0)

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