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Dr George Dian Balan

Dr George Dian Balan is the author of The World As It Once Was . ALL profits from this book will be donated, starting with saving the last big-tusked elephants in Tsavo, Kenya.

Dian is a scientific contributor to different prestigious publications. He is an experienced, sought-after inspirational speaker on biodiversity and environmental issues at events in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, specialised in megafauna topics, and a member of the Pleistocene Mammals Society.

Dian is also a multi-award-winning fine art wildlife photographer. His photos have been published by BBC Earth, National Geographic, GEO, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, Asian Geographic, Africa Geographic, Nat'Images, Pachyderm and Cranium, among others. His megafauna pictures have been displayed in numerous exhibitions around the world.



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Arctic explorer Bernard Buigues contemplates the Jarkov woolly elephant tusks emerging from the frozen landscape in Siberia, 1998. These tusks are about three meters (10ft) and over 45kg (100lbs) each.  There is a growing body of evidence that overhunting is the main cause of the extinction of the mammoths. (Francis Latreille / ©The World As It Once Was)

The World As It Once Was: The Shifting Baseline In Iconic Megafauna

Centuries of trophy and commercial hunting, isolation in captivity and poaching, have caused a baseline shift in the perception of iconic megafauna such as Asian and African elephants, which should...