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Alessandro Moriccioni

Born in Rome in 1980, Alessandro Moriccioni is a historical-scientific popularizer, and contributed to Mystero, Archeomisteri, Archeologia Proibita, Mysterien and Hera. He currently collaborates with the quarterly Horizon. He conducted two seasons of the Terra Incognita program and appeared on several television programs broadcast on TV-networks such as Focus TV and Italian broadcasting network Rai. He cooperated on the documentary “ Il Demonio di Rimondeto” (The Demon From Rimondeto) as well as documentaries about incidents of crime for the program "Nero Toscana" (Tuscany.) He lectured in Switzerland and Germany in relation to the exhibition entitled “Die Austellung Jäger der verlorenen schätze” (The exhibition of Hunters of the lost treasures). He holds conferences in Italy. He is director of the website  and is co-founder of the website.

He lives and works in Rome.

He is the author of several books: " C'era una volta" (Once upon a time)  ; " Pionieri  degli Oceani" (Pioneers of the Oceans) ; " Behind the museums- La vita segreta dei musei " (Behind the Museum. Museums' secret life) ;   “Jack lo Squartatore, anatomia di un incubo" (Jack the Ripper, anatomy of a nightmare) ; “ Le grandi dinastie che hanno cambiato l'Italia"  (The great dynasties who changed Italy) ;  " La Sala d'Ambra" (The Amber Room) . Two of his volumes have been awarded the Premio Nazionale Cronache del Mistero (National Award Chronicles of Mystery). 

Le grandi dinastie che hanno cambiato l’Italia

Dai Giulio-Claudi agli Sforza, dai Medici ai Savoia:

(The great dynasties who changed Italy

From the dynasty of the Giulio-Claudi family to the dynasty of the dynasty of the Sforza family, from the dynasty of the Medici family to the dynasty of the Savoia family)


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