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John Lundwall holds a doctorate in comparative myth and religion from the Joseph Campbell school of myth studies, Pacifica Graduate Institute, out of California. He is a researcher, lecturer, a published author, and has served as an editor on several academic publications. His primary interests are oriented towards orality and the origins of myth and religion.

Lundwall is a founding board member of the Utah Valley Astronomy Club (501 (c)(3)) , a non-profit organization that partners with State and National Parks within Utah in the United States to help run their astronomy and science programs.

Dr. Lundwall is also the Project Leader of the Utah Cultural Astronomy Project . Lundwall and his team are investigating the cultural astronomy of the ancient Fremont Indian, a Native American culture group associated with the American Southwest that inhabited the land of present-day Utah between 300 and 1300 C.E. So far, the team has made several remarkable and original discoveries.


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