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Robin Waterfield

Robin Waterfield is an independent scholar and translator, living on a small olive farm in southern Greece. He took the Classics Prizes in 1972 and 1973 at Manchester University.  He accepted a one-year post in the Classics department at Newcastle University, followed by three one-year posts at St Andrews University, in the Department of Greek. He was an invited lecturer at Williams College, Massachusetts, in January and February 2000, and Writer in Residence at the University of Sussex in the academic year 2001-2; and between 2002 and 2005 he taught academic writing skills at several universities and colleges in London and south-east England. He is co-editor, with Richard Alston, of the Oxford University Press series ‘Ancient Warfare and Civilization’. In addition to more than 25 translations of works of Greek literature, he is the author of numerous books, including Dividing the Spoils and Taken at the Flood and Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens: A History of Ancient Greece

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Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens: A History of Ancient Greece


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The Acropolis of Athens by Leo von Klenze (1846) (Public Domain)

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