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Robin Maxwell

Robin Maxwell is a historian, screenwriter, podcaster, internationally acclaimed and Los Angeles Times  bestselling author of nine novels. Her debut - The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn - is now in its 25th printing. While  JANE: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan and O, Juliet  were Maxwell’s original takes on famous literary characters, she focused mainly on traditional, research-driven historical fiction of Tudor England and the Italian Renaissance. 


Maxwell’s historical fiction titles include The Queen’s Bastard, Signora Da Vinci, and JANE: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan .  " All the Queens’ Men ," based on Robin’s Elizabethan Quartet, is currently in development for a limited cable series. She’s been called ‘one of the Queens of Historical Fiction.’ With the publication of her new Atlantos series, she has evolved into ‘one of the Queens of Pre-historical Fiction." The fourth book in her “Elizabethan Quartet” - The Wild Irish: A Novel of Elizabeth I and the Pirate O’Malley - features, in Maxwell's opinion, the greatest female hero of all time - Grace O’Malley. Maxwell has partnered with Australian producer Monica O’Brien, Ambience Entertainment, and Kew Media for a TV series based on The Wild Irish, soon heading into production.


Robin currently lives with her husband, yogi Max Thomas at their private retreat and wildlife sanctuary High Desert Eden, near Joshua Tree.

Visit Robin at her website, or on Facebook @AuthorRobinMaxwell.


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