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Unravelling Ancient Mysteries Ebook

Ancient Origins Ebook Anniversary

On 22nd February, Ancient Origins will be celebrating Three Years since its launch. To mark the occasion, we are releasing a  Free Ebook  for all our readers titled ‘Unravelling Ancient Mysteries’. This ebook is a compilation of exclusive articles written for Ancient Origins by authors, researchers, and experts from a variety of different fields.

The book explores the most enduring mysteries from our ancient past, and presents new theories to unravel the truth behind some of the most perplexing artifacts, places, and figures from the ancient world.

EBook Contributors

Our valued contributors include:

How to Download

The Free Ebook will be available for download on 22nd February. In order to download it, you need to be registered either to the website or to our monthly newsletter. To complete this process, click on one of the links below:

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Table of Contents

  1. God’s Gate and the Sun Temple: La Puerta de Hayu Marca y Koricancha by Ken Jeremiah
  2. Were the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Ever Lost? by Cam Rea
  3. The Hidden Message in Khafre’s Pyramid by Armando Mei
  4. The Mystery of the Mayan Red Queen by Leonide Martin
  5. The Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge: A Forgotten Goddess Cult by Maria Wheatley
  6. A Mysterious Mummy in Cairo: The Surprising True Identity of Patriarch Joseph of the Coat of Many Colors by Ahmed Osman
  7. Plumed Serpent: Ancient Bearded Gods of the Americas by Brien Foerster
  8. Marriage: Social Evolution or Deliberate Design? by Dr Rita Louise
  9. Was the Devil’s Dyke in Cambridgeshire once part of Troy? by Hugh Newman
  10. Long Lost Gold Age – Just a Myth? by Walter Cruttenden
  11. In Search of King Alcinous: Who were the Legendary Phaeacians? by Petros Koutoupis
  12. The Strange Death and Afterlife of King Edmund: Did a Martyred Saint Rise from the Grave to Kill a Viking King? by Charles Christian


Unravelling Ancient Mysteries