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The White Horse of Uffington. Source: James / Adobe Stock.

The 3,000-Year-Old White Horse of Uffington Up Close (Video)

The Uffington White Horse, a 3,000-year-old chalk figure carved into a hill in Oxfordshire, England, holds significant historical value. The artwork's origin remains a mystery, as it predates written...
The Ridgeway in Grim's Ditch near Mongewel

What’s It Like to Travel the Oldest Road in the World? Think Dragon’s Blood and Neolithic Barrows

I have recently been following what may be the world’s oldest road. Remarkably, much of it still survives as an ancient track. Created around 5500 years ago, it predates the Egyptian pyramids by a...
White Horse Hill

The Mystery of the White Horse of Uffington

The prehistoric White Horse of Uffington is one of the oldest hill figures in Britain, and is believed to have inspired the creation of all the other white horse hill figures in the region. Mystery...