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This dinosaur leg from 66 million years ago was cleanly severed from the dinosaur’s body by the Yucatan asteroid impact event. Nothing like this has ever been found before!		Source: (Video screenshot / BBC)

Fossilized Leg of Dinosaur Ripped Off by Catastrophic Asteroid Impact Found

Scientists now know that a massive Yucatan asteroid struck the earth 66 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period, ultimately causing most species of dinosaur to go extinct. It was the...
Mount Vesuvius: a volcanic eruption at the foot of the mount by Pietro Fabris, (1776). (Wellcome Images)

Wrath of the Gods: Historic Eco-Armageddons

Today human cultures suffer nuclear power station meltdowns, rivers of plastics destroying natural environments and petrol fumes clogging cities’ airways and human arteries, but ancient history is...