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A shofar is sounded under the light of the sun. Source: Rafael Ben-Ari /Adobe Stock.

“Shofar Away”: An Akhenaten Connection to the Jewish New Year

The lone blast of the shofar trumpet stretches out across the hills, illuminated by the first rays of the morning sun. The distinct sonorous call marks the important day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish...
Some unlucky artifacts and cursed sites: The Ring of Silvianus (CC BY 2.0), Tutankhamun’s silver trumpet with wooden insert (Meridianos), the Hope Diamond (CC BY-SA 4.0), Stone ringfort, “Ring of Kerry” in Ireland (Francis Bijl/ CC BY 2.0 ), and ruins of an ancient synagogue at Chorazin. (Lev.Tsimbler/CC BY SA 4.0)

Bringing Centuries of Bad Luck: 10 Unlucky Artifacts and Cursed Archaeological Sites

When an artifact or location is called ‘cursed’ it often refers to bad luck befalling whoever possesses the object or disrespects, or sometimes just visits, the site. Curses, jinxes, hexes, and black...
Carnyx from the recently discovered Tintignac group.

The Carnyx: Ancient Trumpet Leading Celtic Warriors to Battle

The carnyx is an ancient musical instrument that best-known to have been used by the Celts during the Iron Age. Between 300 BC and 200 AD, the carnyx was used in many parts of Europe. In the ancient...