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Representational image of the traces of gold discovered on the surfaces of tools that made up a 3,800-year-old toolkit found near Stonehenge over 200 years ago. Source: ninell / Adobe Stock

3,800-Year-Old Toolkit Unearthed Near Stonehenge Was Used to Work Gold

A team of archaeologists from the Universities of Leicester and Southampton in the United Kingdom have just published a study reporting that enigmatic artifacts recovered from a significant Bronze...

Pointed Turkey Bones Are Oldest Native American Tattoo Kit, Says Study

A group of researchers now think they’ve discovered and identified what might be the world’s oldest tattoo kit - a set of pointy, ink-stained needles that were carved out of wild turkey bones and...
Ötzi Memorial, Austria (GFDL), Ötzi Arrow (Wierer et al), Ötzi Reconstruction (CC BY SA 3.0 )

The Final Days of Otzi: Stone Tools Reveal What the Iceman Endured

Stone tools found with a 5,300-year-old frozen mummy from Northern Italy reveal how alpine Copper Age communities lived, according to a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Ursula...