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Animal coffin EA36151, surmounted by a human-headed part-eel, part-cobra creature wearing a double crown, associated with the ancient Egyptian god Atum. Source: The Trustees of the British Museum/Nature

Hidden Contents of 6 Egyptian Animal Coffins Revealed After 2,000 Years

Researchers from the British Museum have just completed a landmark study of animal coffins retrieved from various Egyptian excavation sites and held in their Egyptian collection. In a new article...
Topographical image analysis has now revealed that the mummy is Nespamedu

When the Identity of this Madrid Mummy Was Finally Established, One of the Surprises Was a Swift Gender Reassignment

Often it takes many years before the full significance of an archaeological discovery can be established. This was the case with an enigmatic mummy that had been on display at Madrid’s National...
Photograph of human hand that was imaged shows palmar (left) and dorsal (right) views.

CT Technique Massively Expands Imaging Soft Tissue of Ancient Remains

Researchers in Sweden using computed tomography (CT) have successfully imaged the soft tissue of an ancient Egyptian mummy's hand down to a microscopic level, according to a study published in the...
Tattooed Owners of the World's Oldest Carpets Get Health Check After 2,200 Years

Tattooed Owners of the World's Oldest Carpets Get Health Check After 2,200 Years

By The Siberian Times reporter A mummified potentate and his wife were found in a burial mound 42 metres in diameter. They went to the next life alongside nine saddled and harnessed geldings. Now,...