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While little is known about Flamma the gladiator, the details we have give rise to questions about his origins and the quality of life for a gladiator during his era. Source: zamuruev / Adobe Stock

Flamma the Syrian: The Mysterious Gladiator Who Refused Freedom

"Flamma, secutor, lived thirty years. Fought thirty-four times, won twenty-one times, stood to draw nine times. Won a reprieve four times. Of Syrian extraction.” An eroded inscription on an ancient...
Stav Meir, holding the 1,500-year-old Byzantine inscription that he discovered near Caesarea.	Source: Karem Said/ Israel Antiquities Authority

13-year-old Israeli Boy Stumbles Upon Ancient Byzantine Inscription

Many important archaeological finds have been made by accident down the years. In Israel, a lucky boy came across a very important historic artifact while out searching for mushrooms. He found an...
‘Half-Length Portrait of a Roman Woman’ (1862/1866) by Anselm Feuerbach. (Public Domain) Background: Sepulchral inscription of Allia Potestas (1st–4th century AT), found on a marble tablet in Via Pinciana, Rome, Italy in 1912.

The Eye-opening Epitaph of Allia Potestas and her Perugian Ménage à Trois

The epitaph of Allia Potestas gives an intriguing insight into the sexual mores of the ancient Romans. The tombstone of this ex-slave from the town of Perugia contains fascinating details about her...
Decorated Hellenistic pot lid found at the site.

False Door Tombstone and Array of Artifacts Unearthed in the City of Alexandria

A team of Egyptian archaeologists has recently uncovered the remains of many Greco-Roman tombs, including a "distinguished" tombstone, in the eastern cemetery of the ancient city of Alexandria. New...
The tombstone is engraved with a cross.

Intriguing Coptic Tombstone Belonging to a Little Girl Discovered in Luxor

A team of archaeologists in Egypt has recently uncovered an ancient Coptic tombstone during the excavation works taking place in the Avenue of Sphinxes. Now archaeologists suggest that the tomb...
The Knight’s Tombstone in Jamestown.

One of Jamestown’s Greatest Mysteries – Who Lies Beneath the Knight’s Tombstone?

A team of archaeologists at Historic Jamestown is attempting to solve one of the biggest mysteries of the first English settlements in America: a knight’s gravestone that has been embedded into the...
Kenesary Khan Tomb

Archaeologists Unearth Tomb of Kenesary Khan's Warriors

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb of Kenesary Khan’s warriors in an old Muslim cemetery located near Astana city in Kazakhstan. The tomb is marked by an old tombstone with lettering in Arabic...