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Great Fire of London in the year 1666 by William Russel Birch

Here is What it Would Have Been Like to be Caught in the Great Fire of London

Great explosions rang out in London’s Lower Thames Street: the sound of houses, shops, warehouses and taverns being blown up, a method intended to halt the spread of the seemingly unstoppable flames...
The Medieval skeleton was found still in its boots

Mystery Man in High Leather Boots: How Did His Medieval Skeleton End Up in London’s River Thames?

Archaeologists working at London’s 'super sewer' in Bermondsey have recovered the skeletal remains of a man, wearing high leather boots, lying face-down in the silt of the River Thames. Much about...
Twelve gold pieces of very fine workmanship have been discovered in the mud of the River Thames over the years by people with metal detectors.

Gold pieces retrieved from Thames River most likely part of elaborate Tudor era hat

Beautifully fashioned little gold fasteners that probably adorned a hat or clothing in the 16 th century have been turned up by eight people with metal detectors scanning the mud along the Thames...
Stone Age Prehistoric Settlement

Prehistoric settlement discovered on planned site for US Embassy in London

A prehistoric campsite has been uncovered along the Thames River in an area set aside for the new US Embassy in London, according to a report in Live Science . Researchers have not yet been able to...