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View of the trench crossing one of the outer ramparts of the fort      Source: Daniel Skoczylas / PAP

History of Teutonic Era Castle Unearthed in Poland Goes Deeper

In 2021, archaeologists conducted investigations of a Teutonic era castle in Poland to reveal deeper secrets of its past. The excavators discovered not only weapons from the medieval period, but an...
Urząd Marszałkowski and Olsztynie/ Materiały prasowe

Arsenal of Knight’s Weaponry found from Epic Battle of Grunwald

It was in 2018 that dozens of explorers, archaeologists and historians from Poland and abroad, congregated to conduct an archaeological research project on the legendary Battle of Grunwald . This...
Experts have examined the long-term environmental impact of prolonged warfare and regime change during the Baltic Crusades, revealing clues to a model for rewilding. Pictured: the iconic European bison who were brought back from the brink of extinction through rewilding in Poland.          Source: szczepank / Adobe stock

Can the Baltic Crusades Teach Us About Bringing Nature Back to Life?

By Aleks Pluskowski, Alex Brown & Rowena Banerjea / The Conversation The Forest of Białowieża, which straddles the border of Poland and Belarus, is unique in Europe: it is incredibly ancient...
Huge Hoard of 1000-year-old Yotvingian Weapons Unearthed in Poland

Huge Hoard of 1000-year-old Yotvingian Weapons Unearthed in Poland

Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of ancient weapons at a cemetery site in the Suwałki region of eastern Poland . Dating back around 1,000 years, archaeologists have recovered over 500 swords,...
Golden Lion banner of the newly annexed Kingdom of Rus at the Battle of Grunwald

The Battle of Grunwald: An Iconic Medieval Battle of Central and Eastern Europe

During medieval times, the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania had one main enemy – the Teutonic Order. One of the most important battles between these armies took place on July 15,...