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Tyrannosaur rex in the jungle, created with generative ai technology. Source: Noel Cook / Adobe Stock

T. Rex Wasn’t All Brawn. It Had a Brain Comparable to a Primate

T. Rex dinosaurs packed as many neurons in their brains as a baboon, a new study has found. This means that they were capable of problem-solving, tool use and even developing a culture. Some other...
Harry Potter books have been banned by a Catholic school library. Source: vlakhov Valeriy / Adobe Stock.

Catholic Teachers Banned ‘Evil’ Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter books were removed from a private Catholic school in Nashville in 2019 because they include actual “ curses and spells ”, according to staff at the school. In a report in the US daily,...
The tattoo tool bundle unearthed at Fernvale, Tennessee, USA. This is the oldest tattoo toolkit discovered to date.

Turkey Bones, Shells, and Pigment: Signs of the Oldest Tattoo Kit in the World

About 3,600 years ago, someone decided to bury a collection of sharpened turkey bones and mussel shells. The items were unearthed in 1985 and then forgotten for almost three decades. However, a...
rock art

6,000 Year-Old Rock Art Discovered in Tennessee

According to a new report published in the journal Antiquity, the oldest collection of prehistoric rock and cave art has been discovered in Alabama, providing new insights into ancient Native...