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The Green Sahara


Since learning about when the Sahara was lush and green and became the great desert due to a cyclic earth wobble that moved all the rains away, I’ve been fascinated by several questions.  Who lived there, where did they come from and where did they go?  The last question is answered by assuming they fled to the Nile area and jump started Egypt’s civilization.   So that raises the basic question of how high a civilization did they have?  Anyone else interested?  I’ll confess to superficial knowledge based on You Tube videos on the topic of the Green Sahara.  I just can’t help suspecting that

Dogon Cosmology & Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing


Along the cliffs of the Bandiagara escarpment in Mali – south of the Niger river and north of Upper Volta – live the modern-day Dogon tribe, a reclusive society consisting of approximately 300,000 individuals. To all outward appearances, they are a primitive tribe, who manage a near-subsistence living as onion farmers, metal-workers, weavers, and artisans under the often difficult conditions of a Sahelian climate, one that typically provides four months of rain followed by an extended dry season.