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Ancient sites, artefacts, or myths and legends of Europe

The ancient pealazg people comes from Atlantis


Pelazgi, who in ancient times founded civilization in Crete and floated on the Mediterranean Sea, settled in Italy, in North Africa, and then on the territory of Spain and beyond, the Canary Islands where the Guanchi people left them, Britain where they built Stonehenge, and then America where they were brought the Kutur to Neolithic landowners. Thus the civilization of omeks emerged. We find their settlements in Brazil. The plains are the very Atlanteans, who, according to Plato, were driving along the other side of the Hercules pillars. But the Atlanteans are in a relative sense.

Researchers Discover 'Allah' Inscribed in Vikings Burial Costumes


While it is well documented that the Vikings did engage in trade with the Islamic World (such as spices and slaves), I think it is a little farfetched to claim that they adopted significant aspects of Islamic culture and ideas.

Top 6 Historical sites in Turey


There are many historical places are there in Turkey, some of them are as follow:

1. Alanya Castle

With Hellenistic foundations, this outstanding Seljuk destroy sits atop a 250m far above the ground peninsular overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Antalya Museum 

The Antalya Museum contains thousands of traditional and ancient artifacts. 

3. Cappadocia, The Underground City

Cappadocia having Underground Cities are incredible Christian subterranean equipped cities in Turkey sheltered by UNESCO.