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Tall el-Hammam

The archaeological site of Tall el-Hammam, Jordan that overlooks the Jordan Valley (Deg777 / CC by SA 4.0)

Tall el-Hammam: Is This Ancient City the Real Sodom? (Video)

In the lower Jordan River Valley, buried beneath layers of dirt and rock, lies the remains of an ancient city that dates back almost 4,000 years. Known as Tall el-Hammam , this intriguing site...
The Great Day of God's wrath (1853), oil on canvas by John Martin, Tate Gallery in London.

Archaeologists Claim to have Discovered the Location of the Biblical City of Sodom

After a dozen years excavating, an archaeological team led by Steven Collins claims to have discovered a city that matches the Bible’s Sodom, the city destroyed, along with Gomorrah, by the wrath of...