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A Muslim and a Jew inside a Jewish synagogue in Kolkata, India. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Atlas Obscura.

The Muslims Preserving Kolkata's Last Jewish Synagogues (Video)

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, India, a heartening and harmonious interfaith tradition is flourishing as Muslim caretakers diligently preserve the last remaining Jewish synagogues . This unique...
Inside the rare 14th century Spanish synagogue. Source: Utrera city hall

Stunning Discovery of a Rare Medieval Spanish Synagogue Under Disco Pub

Over the centuries, this versatile building has been transformed from a holy temple to a hospital, home for abandoned children, a bustling restaurant, and even a lively disco-pub. But that's not all...
Huqoq ancient synagogoue mosaic - inscription and face.

Mosaics Provide Clues on Life in an Ancient Galilean Jewish Village

Recent discoveries by a team of specialists and students at Huqoq in Israel's Galilee, led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor Jodi Magness, shed new light on the life and...
A big fish swallows an ancient Egyptian soldier on one of the mosaics found on the floor of the synagogue.

Experts Uncover Rare Mosaics Showing Biblical Scenes in Ancient Synagogue in Galilee

Mosaics from the 5 th century AD, one depicting Noah’s ark and the other the parting of the Red Sea by Moses, have been excavated in an ancient Jewish village in Galilee, Israel. The synagogue in...
The Magdala Stone or altar in a temple where Jesus possibly preached (Wikimedia Commons)

Archaeologists Excavate Possible Home of Mary Magdalene and Synagogue Where Jesus May Have Preached

A Catholic priest and archaeologists in Israel are excavating an ancient synagogue and a site that may have been the home of Mary Magdalene, who has been called Jesus' most beloved disciple...
Theater Mask discovered in 2015, Huqoq, Galilee region, Israel.

New Mosaics Add to the Intrigue of Israeli Synagogue Story

Some archaeologists apparently have all the luck. Mythological creatures, cupids with discs, theater masks, various male and female figures, a rooster, and elephants add to the array of mosaics...