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Ancient Swan Pot Yields Mystery Liquid in Chinese Tomb

Ancient Swan Pot Yields Mystery Liquid in Chinese Tomb

In China, archaeologists have found a mysterious liquid in a bronze pot discovered in a Chinese tomb. The pot is in the shape of a swan and it contains an unknown substance that is over 2000 years...
Swan shamanism could go back hundreds of thousands of years.       Source: abiwarner / Adobe Stock

Wing Bone Indicates Swan Shamanism Could Be 420,000 Years Old!

The idea that the human soul might take the form of a swan to journey from this world to the next could be one of the oldest fundamental beliefs of human kind, or so suggests a new discovery from the...
Leda and the Swan fresco found at Pompeii

Steamy Fresco Discovered In Pompeii Bedroom Depicts The Seduction Of Queen Leda By A Swan

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered an “excellently" preserved and highly-colorful detailed fresco in an ancient Pompeii bedroom depicting an erotic scene in which a god disguised as a swan...