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A Neanderthal premolar tooth from the Almonda cave system, Portugal. Source: João Zilhão/University of Southampton

Tooth Enamel Reveals Differences Between Neanderthal and Human Survival Tactics

A team of archaeologists and earth scientists from the United Kingdom and Portugal have just completed a comparative study of Neanderthals who lived in western Europe approximately 100,000 years ago...
Painting of foreign delegation found at the tomb of Khnumhotep II. This contains a man described a “Abisha the Hyksos”, one of the earliest known uses of the term Hyksos. Source: Public domain

Researchers Reveal True Story of Hyksos Dynasty in Ancient Egypt

Researchers have revealed the truth behind the rise of the first “foreign” rulers of Ancient Egypt . It was long held that the Hyksos, the first non-native dynasty to rule Egypt, were invaders. A...
After the bodies had been dismembered, the body parts were placed at the bottom of an artificial water reservoir and covered with large stone blocks. Source: © Nicolaus Seefeld.

Isotope Analysis of Maya Mass Grave Reveals Brutal Ritual

Several years ago, Maya archaeologists from the University of Bonn found the bones of about 20 people at the bottom of a water reservoir in the former Maya city of Uxul , in what is now Mexico . They...
The Egtved girl. Source: Robert Fortuna/National Museum of Denmark

Egtved Girl Origins Keep Getting More Complicated

The Egtved girl’s remains were found in an oak coffin in a peat bog at a Bronze Age archaeological site near Egtved, Denmark in 1921. Her remains have been dated to 1370 BC, but the story of where...
Skull of a child around the age of seven from a Roman cemetery studied by Killgrove and Montgomery.

Nameless Immigrants and Slaves in Rome, Who Were They? Where Did They Come from?

Slaves and other lower-class residents made up a big part of the population of the city of Rome around the 1st century AD. But who were these people? Where were they from? What were their lives like...
Illustration showing an Aztec skull rack.

New Research Shows that Gruesome Aztec Sacrifices included Locals of all Ages Too

A new study says the people sacrificed centuries ago by the Mexica (Aztec) at Tenochtitlan weren’t all prisoners of war killed just a short while after they were captured. Some of them, including...