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stone slab

Overhead view of the Saint-Bélec slab.          Source: Denis Glicksman / Inrap

A Bronze Age Rock Has Become a 'Treasure Map' for Researchers

A piece of rock, adorned with mysterious markings that have remained largely unstudied for 4,000 years, has emerged as a remarkable "treasure map" for archaeologists. This ancient artifact, known as...
The Sphinx of Apries, dated to between 589 and 570 BC. Like the Egyptian stele found in the farmer's field, this sphinx is dedicated to the pharaoh Apries of the 26th dynasty of Egypt. Inset, stele of Apries in situ at find site.

Farmer Digs Up Stone Egyptian Stele Saluting Sixth Century BC Pharaoh

Recently, a farmer ploughing his field in Egypt’s Ismailia Governorate dug up something massive and historically significant. The unnamed farmer was shocked to realize the heavy object he’d uncovered...