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stone carving

Petroglyphs of Scotland, found in Lurgan by George Currie. Source: George Currie

Comparing the Prehistoric Stone Symbols of Scotland and the Judaculla Rock

Within the rolling green hills of Scotland, slumber thousands of ancient stones bejeweled with mysterious glyphs. Across the proverbial pond, hidden in the great Appalachians of America’s North...
Stone carving believed to be of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Source: Milton Keynes Council.

Carving Believed to be Rare Depiction of Eleanor of Aquitaine Found in Abbey

A potentially historic discovery has been made in a medieval abbey in England . During a conservation project, the head of one of England’s most powerful queens was discovered, it has been announced...
A prehistoric human face stone carving, which is believed to be over 7,000 years old, discovered in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, North China.

Discovered! An Ancient Mongolian Stone Selfie!

Somewhere, deep in prehistory a human being gazed at their reflection in rock-pool, and was struck with an urge to carve what he saw. Subsequently, the first selfie was created! Now, in Inner...