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Music in Luray Caverns. Source: KLugo / Adobe Stock.

Real Live Cave Music: Marvel at the World's Largest Instrument (Video)

Deep within Luray Caverns , Virginia, USA, an astonishing fusion of music and nature awaits: the Great Stalacpipe Organ. This extraordinary instrument defies expectations, utilizing delicate...
Rendering of bison in Niaux Cave      Source: Valette, C / CC BY ND 2.0

Follow Ancient Footsteps to the Famous Rock Art of Niaux Cave

France is famous for its beautiful scenery, historic cities, and of course, wine. The country also has many spectacular cave systems such as the Bournillon Cave which has the highest cave opening in...
The Macocha Gorge - Sinkhole in the Moravian Karst Punkva caves system     Source: Roman/Adobe Stock

Punkva Caves and the Doctor Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Eastern Europe is a region famous for its many fascinating caves and cave systems due to its unique geology . One of the most striking and largest cave systems in the area is Punkva Caves in the...
Interior of the Bacho Kiro Caves

Contested Yet Fascinating Bones Found in the Bacho Kiro Caves

In the past, we were drawn to caves, viewing them as sacred or mysterious places . And it would seem not much has changed, as caves still hold an enduring fascination for humans. One of the most...
The public entrance to the Unicorn Cave.

What Extraordinary Discovery Led to Unicorn Cave Magically Transforming into a Cash Cow?

Einhornhöhle, which may be translated as ‘Unicorn Cave’ in English, is a cave located in the Harz, a low mountain range in a highland area Northern Germany. It has been pointed out that the Unicorn...