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Spartan warrior. Source: serhiibobyk / Adobe Stock.

Debunking the Myths of Ancient Sparta (Video)

The enduring myths surrounding Ancient Sparta are under scrutiny, revealing a more nuanced reality. Contrary to popular belief, the Battle of Thermopylae involved more than just 300 Spartan warriors...
Thebes, A City Formed by The Warriors Who Sprang from a Dragon’s Teeth

Thebes, A City Formed by The Warriors Who Sprang from a Dragon’s Teeth

In ancient times, Thebes was one of the major Greek city states, and a rival of Athens. Later on, however, Thebes fell to the Macedonians, and was eventually conquered by the Romans. The post-...
Archaeologists at work at one of the 8 digs at the Piraeus Port aqueduct discovery area.

Ancient Greek Piraeus Port Aqueduct, Wells, and 4000 Artifacts Found

Archaeologists excavating in Greece have uncovered a historic Piraeus port aqueduct and wells that date back over 2000 years, and about 4000 objects, many of them wooden, have been unearthed as part...
Statue of ancient Athens statesman Pericles

Pericles: The Charismatic and Powerful Politician of Ancient Greece

On the eve of his conception sometime in 495 BC, Pericles’ mother Agariste dreamed of giving birth to a lion. It was then, months later, Pericles was born. Pericles (495 BC – 429 BC) was a legend...
Spartan woman in foreground with her warrior husband in the background.   Source: serhiibobyk / Adobe stock

What Makes Spartan Women So Different From Other Ancients?

In Sparta , the individual did not matter. Everything was for the preservation and continuous strengthening of the state. They built no walls since they welcomed any to challenge invasion. They lit...
Ancient Greek warrior fighting in the combat. Credit: Fotokvadrat / Adobe Stock

The Peloponnesian War: Intrigues and Conquests in Ancient Greece

When speaking of ancient Greece, most of us tend to think of their sprawling city states, iconic classical culture, philosophers, and myths – and rightly so. Classical Greece was certainly a...
Spartan warrior.

Spartan Soldier From Birth: Growing Up In A City of Warriors

The Greek city-state of Sparta is famous for being a city of soldiers. Its entire society was oriented towards warfare. The Spartan phalanxes were unstoppable on land and known for their...
Spartan warrior holding spear and shield.

How the Spartan Arsenal Helped Make Them Some of The Deadliest Warriors of the Ancient World

The ancient Greek city state of Sparta is renowned for its military prowess. As a militaristic society, Spartan males were trained to be warriors from a young age, and this was the only career they...
Agesilaus II, King of Sparta and Commander of Warriors

Agesilaus II, King of Sparta and Commander of Warriors

Agesilaus II was a king who ruled over the ancient Greek city state of Sparta during the 4 th century BC. Agesilaus was from the Eurypontid family, one of the two royal dynasties of Sparta (the other...
Screenshot from the movie 300 on the Spartan War which used Helots in combat on many occasions.

The Helots: Slave Warriors of Ancient Sparta

The ancient Greek city state of Sparta had a social hierarchy that was different from many of its neighbors. The top of the social pyramid was occupied by the two kings, whose powers were checked by...