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Three men claim to have spotted a roaring Yowie in Queensland, Australia. Source: GARETH / Adobe Stock

Roaring Yowie Apeman Reported by Australian Work Crew

Three men from remote Queensland in Australia have reported an extended encounter with the legendary Bigfoot-like Yowie. But this was no normal Yowie experience, where people hear noises and find...
The Loch Ness Monster is a valuable tourist draw.

Scientists Finally Closing in on Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster

Ever since the Irish Missionary St. Columba confronted a ‘ great serpent ’ in the River Ness in 565 AD, Loch Ness in Scotland has been the traditional home of the famous monster by the same name. But...
Hand-colored woodprint by Samuel Coccius, Basle Switzerland 1566. August 7th many black globes moved before the sun at great speed and seemed to be fighting. Was this an ancient UFO sighting or celestial event?

What Did the Ancients See? Unidentified Flying Objects that Made an Impact on Early History

In the 43 years since the National UFO Reporting Center began keeping track, 104,947 have been reported, including historical events back to the beginning of the 20th century (Monfort, 2017). The...
An artist’s representation of a pyramid with UFOs.

UFOs Over Ancient Egypt? Revealing the Mysterious Story of the Tulli Papyrus

The so called “Tulli Papyrus” is an enigmatic text that some describe as the first written account of a UFO sighting. This Egyptian text records an event which supposedly occurred during the 18th...