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serial killer

Giulia Tofana was a 17th century leader of a poison cartel responsible for over 600 deaths thanks to her trademark poison Aqua Tofana. The Love Potion by Evelyn De Morgan.	Source: Public Domain

Giulia Tofana: The Woman Who Poisoned 600 Men with Her Makeup (Video)

Giulia Tofana's notoriety stemmed from her cunning manipulation of Renaissance society's fascination with poisons and cosmetics. Born into an era where women lacked agency in matters of marriage and...
Killer countess. Source: kharchenkoirina / Adobe Stock.

Elizabeth Bathory: Was the ‘Blood Countess’ Serial Killer Misjudged?

Countess Elizabeth Báthory, noted as a prolific serial killer in the Guinness Book of Records, allegedly tortured and killed 80-650 young women between 1585-1610 AD. Imprisoned in Csejte Castle,...
Female assassin. Source: mehaniq41 / Adobe Stock. Video Button Play Image by Dehweh / Adobe Stock.

Deadly Moments in History: Ancient Serial Killers (Video)

Throughout history, there have been many gruesome and horrific acts committed by serial killers . These murderers were often able to evade capture due to the limited technology and forensic...
Locustra testing Poison by Joseph-Noël Sylvestre

Top 10 Infamous Serial Killers from Ancient History

Serial killers are not a new phenomenon. Before Jack the Ripper began his legendary killing spree in London in the 1800s, there is a long list of infamous serial killers active throughout history...
Giulia Tofana was a 17th century leader of a poison cartel responsible for over 600 deaths thanks to her trademark poison Aqua Tofana. Source: Public domain

Giulia Tofana: Queenpin of the Criminal Magical Underworld

Between the years of 1630 to 1655, Giulia Tofana and her poison cartel were the primary facilitators of well over 600 deaths, by way of disgruntled wife, through their trademark poison known as Aqua...
Darya Saltykova, aka Saltychikha, was an abusive and unchecked aristocrat, known for murdering 139 serfs on Yroitskoe estate near Moscow in Russia. Adapted from Portrait of Countess Darya Petrovna Saltykova by François-Hubert Drouais.  Source: Public domain

Darya Saltykova: Cruel Russian Aristocrat with a Taste for Murder

In 1768, Darya Nokolayevna Ivanova Saltykova, better known as Saltychikha , was found guilty for the murder of 139 serfs under her care. Of that number, only 38 were confirmed due to the immense fear...
Detail of ‘The Love Potion’ (1903) by Evelyn de Morgan. Unlike the creation of this woman, Locusta of Gaul’s potions were made in hatred. Source: Public Domain

Locusta of Gaul – Nero’s Notorious Poison Maker

Poison was always the silent killer. Kings and emperors fell prey to it as easily as an unsuspecting servant. Throughout medieval and classical history, poison and those who knew how to prepare it...
La Quintrala serial killer evades capture Source: kharchenkoirina / Adobe Stock

La Quintrala: Flaming Redhead Serial Killer Evaded Capture

In the world’s history of aristocracy, abuse of power was always a distinct possibility, and quite a few female landowners built up a macabre reputation based on torture, imprisonment, and abuse. In...
The damp, dark, and chilling chambers and tunnels of the Edinburgh Vaults.

Body Snatchers and Tortured Spirits: The Dark History of the South Bridge Vaults of Edinburgh

Beneath the ancient fortified city of Edinburgh, Scotland lies the South Bridge Vaults—notorious underground tunnels and chambers which became the dwelling places of the impoverished and the...
Gilles de Rais

Gilles de Rais – violent predator or political victim?

Gilles de Montmorency-Laval, more commonly known as Gilles de Rais, was a 15 th century French nobleman, Breton baron, and marshal of France. He was known as an accomplished lieutenant to Joan of Arc...