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Nazareth and Mary’s Well by Felix Bonfils, (1880) (Public Domain)

Life Of A First Century AD Rural Nazarene Versus A City Sepphorite

Nazareth was inhabited since the Bronze Age, and pottery dating from 900-600 BC confirms an Iron Age settlement there, but the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian invasions turned the region into a...
Main: Aerial view of Sepphoris. Inset: Guilloche, in a fresco from Zippori, dating from the early Second Century AD

1900-year-old frescoes discovered at Sepphoris, named the Ornament of the Galilee

Mosaics and rare frescos discovered in Sepphoris, close to Jesus’ reported hometown of Nazareth, cast new light on Roman Galilee, where Jesus and his father, Joseph, are said to have worked. The...