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  1. 50,000-year-old Skull May Show Human-Neanderthal Hybrids Originated in Levant, not Europe as Thought

    ... and modern humans, would be the earliest evidence of modern man meeting and mating with Neanderthals found to date. According to ...

    lizleafloor - 30/01/2015 - 21:56

  2. The Mandate of Heaven: Morality Influenced the Rise and Fall of Chinese Emperors

    The Mandate of Heaven is a philosophical concept found in the ancient Chinese civilization. It suggests the emperor’s authority came from Heaven itself and gave him a divine right to rule. The Chinese Emperor was considered the ‘Son of Heaven’, but if he could not fulfill his duties he would lose his holy lineage.

    dhwty - 11/05/2018 - 23:02

  3. Researchers discover secret recipe of Roman concrete that allowed it to endure for over 2,000 years

    Ancient Rome’s concrete recipe is an impressive feat in architectural history. Some Roman buildings are so spectacular in their construction and beauty that modern builders would never attempt something similar, even with today’s technology. Now engineers are beginning to understand why ancient Roman concrete was so revolutionary.

    Mark Miller - 18/12/2014 - 22:21

  4. Fossil Find Reveals New Species of Early Human - Origins of Modern Man Gets Crowded

    ... Find Reveals New Species of Early Human - Origins of Modern Man Gets Crowded ...

    lizleafloor - 29/05/2015 - 00:33

  5. Jawbone shows Modern Human 40,000 years ago had Neanderthal Great-Great-Grandfather

    ... DNA in any modern human ever studied. A jawbone from a man who lived 40,000 years ago reveals that six to nine percent (up to 11 ... shares traits with Neanderthals, and now DNA reveals the man had a Neanderthal genetic heritage. Credit: Svante Pääbo, Max Planck ...

    lizleafloor - 24/06/2015 - 21:28

  6. When DNA is Missing, an Ancient Sugar Chain May Help Trace Human Evolution

    Ancient DNA recovered from fossils is a valuable tool to study evolution and anthropology. Yet ancient fossil DNA from earlier geological ages has not been found yet in any part of Africa, where it's destroyed by extreme heat and humidity.

    ancient-origins - 15/09/2017 - 01:50

  7. Super Strong Woman Found in Lower Central America’s Earliest Human Burial

    Nicaragua is a country which is not associated with many archaeological finds, unlike other nations in Central America. However, recently archaeologists in the country have found the oldest human burial ever unearthed in the region. They discovered a grave containing the almost complete remains of a mystery woman who lived approximately 4,000 years ago. The find could revolutionize the history of the area.

    Ed Whelan - 04/01/2019 - 18:57

  8. Acta Diurna: The Telegraph of Ancient Rome, Bringing You All the Latest Gladiator Combat News

    ‘Roman emperor conquers new lands!’ ‘Five new ways to use your fish paste.’ ‘When do the stars say you will marry?’ ‘

    dhwty - 23/12/2017 - 13:58

  9. The Helmet That Shows Celtic Warriors Helped the Roman Army Conquer Briton

    In 2010, there was a very important find at an old Iron Age shrine in England. It included coins and other items from both the Iron Age and the Roman era. Among the discoveries was a remarkable 2,000-year old Roman cavalry helmet. Having been re-examined some 10 years after is first discovery, some believe that the helmet throws an interesting new light on the nature of early relations between Britons and Rome and the development of Roman auxiliary forces.

    Ed Whelan - 07/01/2019 - 22:58

  10. Baboon Sounds May Hold the Key to Understanding the Formation of Human Language

    A new study proposes that baboon grunts and barks might have more in common with human speech than most people believe. Researchers have noted that these monkeys routinely produce five of the distinct vowel sounds found in human languages. Their findings may help in the struggle to discover just how human speech developed.

    Theodoros Karasavvas - 13/01/2017 - 03:44

  11. The Eye-opening Epitaph of Allia Potestas and her Perugian Ménage à Trois

    ... after all, he was sharing Allia’s bed with another man. This is very far removed from the ideal Roman matron, the univira (a one-man woman), according to Roman Civilization: Selected Readings. Volume II: ...

    ancient-origins - 25/07/2018 - 23:05

  12. The Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple: Secret Cellars Create the Richest Hindu Temple in India

    Of all the Hindu temples in India, the wealthiest by far is the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. According to Guinness World Records, this temple replaced the Tirupati Temple (also in India) as the richest Hindu temple in the world in 2011 due to the discovery of secret cellars containing a vast treasure of gold, silver and precious stones.

    dhwty - 30/07/2018 - 21:17

  13. The Ramanathaswamy Temple and its Infinite Corridors

    The Ramanathaswamy Temple is regarded as one of the holiest Hindu temples in India. This sacred site is located on Rameswaram Island, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu between mainland India and Sri Lanka. The Ramanathaswamy Temple, which is dedicated to the god Shiva, is notable for a variety of reasons, including its outer set of corridors, which are reputed to be the longest of their kind in the world.

    dhwty - 24/02/2018 - 13:55

  14. Top 10 Human Origins Discoveries in 2015

    ... in northern Israel may be the earliest evidence of modern man meeting and mating with Neanderthals found to date. The partial skull ...

    ancient-origins - 28/12/2015 - 14:51

  15. Raiders of Hispania: Unravelling the Secrets of the Suebi

    ... from Scandinavia in the above manner. Osterby Man Still Has a Great Hairdo Nearly 2,000 Years On! What Did Ancient ... The Suebian knot was also considered the mark of a free man. Osterby Man with hair tied in a Suebian Knot. At Archäologisches Landesmuseum. ( CC ...

    Caleb Strom - 28/12/2018 - 18:49

  16. Caractacus: The Powerful Celtic King Who Defied Rome

    ... to be put to death.  “ There was curiosity to see the man who for so many years had spurned our power ” writes Tacticus.  ... the remainder of his time in Rome, presumably as a free man.  There is no account of what happened to him afterwards and no record ...

    Bryan Hill - 04/05/2015 - 21:18

  17. Manannan Mac Lir: God of the Sea and Guardian of the Afterlife

    ... Manannán is also a popular character on the Isle of Man and a similar version of him is widespread in Wales. This prevalent ... and adoption of a god is not uncommon, however the Isle of Man is named for Manannán while the Welsh version of him, Manawydan fab Llŷr, ...

    Riley Winters - 08/03/2019 - 02:19

  18. Artificial Intelligence Has Identified Previously Undetected Hominid in the Human Family Tree

    ... than 40,000 years ago in Eurasia. Neanderthal man. ( ginettigino / Adobe) Now, investigators of the Institute of ...

    ancient-origins - 18/01/2019 - 18:35

  19. Archaeologists unearth 2,000-year-old Roman Legion outpost that controlled Jewish uprisings

    Rome had its hands full in Palestine in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD with two Jewish uprisings against Roman rule. The establishment of a Roman Legion outpost in the Galilee may have prevented the 2nd century revolt from spreading to the north. That Roman camp, the only one of its kind known in the eastern Roman Empire, is now under excavation.

    Mark Miller - 09/07/2015 - 14:24

  20. Are Humans Just Self-Domesticated Apes?

    ... factors, however, appears to be that the first animal that man domesticated was man himself. Humans over time became more cooperative allowing them to ...

    Caleb Strom - 07/04/2017 - 23:05