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Sea of Galilee

The Byzantine church at the possible biblical city Bethsaida, flooded by the swollen Kinneret. Source: Nir-Shlomo Zelinger

Biblical Village Cursed by Jesus Flooded by Rising Sea of Galilee

As life regains some normalcy in many countries, archaeologists have returned to work on several archaeological sites around the world. In Israel, local archaeologists were stunned to discover that...
The new find city gate is thought to be centuries older than this previously existing gate at Bethsaida.                Source: CC BY 3.0

City Gate From the Time of King David Unearthed In Miracle Village

Archaeologists have announced an amazing discovery - they have found an ancient city gate that dates to the time of King David , perhaps the greatest of all the rulers of ancient Israel. This find...
Date palms of kibbutz Gesher, Jordan Valley.

Scientists discover the earliest known evidence of plant cultivation in the Levant

It was in the Middle East that hunter-gatherers first started to switch to plant cultivation, thereby initiating the first movement towards organised agriculture. This is why the region is popularly...
Massive 5,000-year-old monument dedicated to Moon God in Galilee

Massive 5,000-year-old monument dedicated to Moon God found near Sea of Galilee

Archaeologists have discovered an enormous 5,000-year-old stone monument shaped like a lunar crescent near the Sea of Galilee in what is now Israel, according to a report in Live Science . Its...