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Norman dietary influences in England after the Battle of Hastings (pictured here) and the Norman Conquest.  Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–96) / Public domain

The Norman Conquest Didn’t Kill the English Appetite

A team of researchers have established that Norman dietary influences in England after the Norman Conquest were less profound than previously imagined. This was a huge surprise given the perceived...
Main: Indigenous Polynesians. Credit: adrenalinapura / Adobe Stock. Inset: Bananas. Credit: Pongsak / Adobe Stock

Bananas Helped Ancient Lapita Culture Colonize Oceania

Scientists studying the teeth of the ancient Lapita people of Oceania , have found evidence that they survived on bananas, along with seeds and other fruits. This discovery is helping researchers to...
Medieval King Louis IX refused to eat his greens. Credit: diter / Adobe Stock

Crusader King Died Because He Refused to Eat His Greens

A French sleuth may have solved the mystery of the death of France's famed King Louis IX, better known as Saint Louis. He was the last of the crusader kings and it was believed that he died of plague...
Italian archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a teenage  girl given a “deviant burial” because she appeared different from and possibly scared her fellow villagers.

Archaeologists find medieval teenage witch burial in Italian town

A 15- to 17-year-old girl was considered so dangerous to her medieval Italian community, even after death, that the villagers burned her, threw her in a pit and covered her remains with big stone...
The skeleton of the girl, a little under 5 feet tall and about age 13, showed signs of scurvy and anemia

New Analysis reveals Italian Girl given Witch Burial probably just had Scurvy

The remains of a teenage girl from medieval times given a witch burial in which she was placed face-down in a deep tomb is believed to have had scurvy that disfigured her body, causing her community...
Christopher Colombus

First colonists led by Christopher Columbus hit by severe scurvy

Forensic archaeologists have published a new study in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, which suggests that Christopher Columbus's crew was struck with scurvy, a fatal disease caused by...