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Mummy bones found in an Egyptian tomb in Aswan and Saqqara necropolis have been analyzed. Source: Ministry of Antiquities.

Minutiae of Mummy Bones Give Details of Everyday Life

Experiments at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) are casting a new light on Egyptian soil and ancient mummified bone samples that could provide a richer...
Maya ruins.  Source: Byron Ortiz / Adobe Stock

Dozens of Ancient Maya Farms Revealed by Laser Scanning

Ancient Maya civilization thrived for thousands of years beneath the cover of tropical forest in Central America, but once their civilization disappeared, so did much of the evidence of it. For a...
3D scans showed previously unreadable scenes carved into the Buddha’s robe.

Cosmic Buddha: High Tech Scan of Ancient Chinese Statue Reveals Stunning Illustrations Depicting Buddhist Teachings

Digital 3D scans carried out on a 6th century life-size statue of a monk have revealed stunning illustrations carved into the limestone that depict stories from the Buddha’s life and teachings. The...