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At the end of 2021 Turkish archaeologists found 14 incredible artifacts from the Byzantine-Sassanid War of 602-628 AD in the ancient city of Uzuncaburç, in Mersin Province.		Source: Anadolu Agency

Southern Turkey Artifacts Dated to 7th-century Byzantine-Sassanid War

In February of 2021, a restoration project was launched under the aegis of Ümit Aydınlıoğlu, associate professor at Mersin University, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General...
Cataphracts: Armored Warriors and their Horses of War

Cataphracts: Armored Warriors and their Horses of War

By the 7 th and 8 th centuries B.C., the role of the chariot in battle was gradually being replaced by cavalry units in the Near East. Some were armed lightly and were used to harass the enemy from...
The Byzantine coins found near Jerusalem have been dated to around the time of a 614 siege.

1,400-Year-Old Coins are the Forgotten Remnants of a Terrifying Siege on Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists have announced the discovery of a hoard of rare Byzantine bronze coins from a site dating back to 614 AD. The coins were discovered during excavations for the widening of the...
Temple in Iran

Archaeologists discover ancient temple in Iran

A team of Iranian and Italian archaeologists has discovered the remains of an ancient temple in an Elymais site in the Kaleh Chendar region in southwestern Iran. Elymais (the Greek name for Biblical...