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Representational image of an Aghori. Source: Dondon Gigantone / Adobe Stock.

Aghori: Exploring the Bizarre World of Extreme Asceticism (Video)

The Aghori are an intriguing sect of Hinduism known for their unconventional practices and ascetic way of life. They seek spiritual liberation through intense discipline and the transcendence of...
Two images of Aghori.

The Aghori and Their Unorthodox Path to Enlightenment

The Aghori are followers of a Hindu sect believed to be 1000 years old. These ascetics are often regarded as sadhus (Sanskrit for ‘good/holy man’), and have devoted their entire lives to the...
The Bodhisattva Gautama (Buddha-to-be) undertaking extreme asceticism before his enlightenment.

Asceticism Across the Faiths: Many People in the Major World Religions Have Done it

Asceticism is a way of life marked by the voluntary abstinence from worldly pleasures. This way of life is most often associated with religion and spirituality, and its practitioners usually aim to...