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Artist’s image of the saber-toothed cat’s mouth, showing dentistry with double saber teeth.	Source: Massimo Molinero/University of California - Berkley

The Double-fanged Adolescence of Saber-toothed Cats

By Robert Sanders / University of Berkeley A mechanical analysis of the distinctive canines of California's saber-toothed cat ( Smilodon fatalis ) suggests that the baby tooth that preceded each...

Early Hominins Competed with Saber-Toothed Cats 2 Million Years Ago

Homo erectus , literally upright man, is an extinct species of archaic human from the Pleistocene, first occurring 2 million years ago, and is widely identified as the first recognizable members of...
LA Brea Tar Pits - Ice Age Fossils

Excavations at the site of richest collection of Ice Age fossils to resume

The LA Brea Tar Pits are a collection of tar pits in urban Los Angeles which contain the richest and most diverse collection of Ice Age fossils on record. Last year, the George C. Page Museum...
Giant Sloth

Were the Americas inhabited 30,000 years ago?

One of the most dramatic discoveries to fuel the debate about the date of habitation in the Americas was made in a streambed in southern Uruguay – a set of 30,000-year-old fossilised animals which...