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Royal Tombs

Tomb inside Westminster Abbey. Source: Stefano / Adobe Stock.

The Incredible Royal Tombs of Westminster Abbey (Video)

Westminster Abbey houses the incredible royal tombs that chronicle British history. Its tombs , statues, monuments, and effigies serve as a testament to the changing nature of memorialization over...
Ancient Siberian nomadic violence was extreme and interpersonal, which suggests violence was a part of life with or without war.             Source: Liliia / Adobe Stock

High Levels Of Ancient Extreme Siberian Nomadic Violence Discovered

A Swiss-Russian team of archeologists, anthropologists and forensic experts have discovered evidence of extreme Siberian nomadic violence within communities of ancient Siberians . The team’s research...
A Sumerian king and an official

Where Sumerian Rulers Lie: The Royal Tombs of Ur

The Royal Tombs of Ur is a 4,800-year-old Sumerian burial site of around 2,000 graves located in the ancient city of Ur in southern Mesopotamia (in the south of modern day Iraq). Sixteen of the...