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English archaeologists have stumble upon a once-in-a-lifetime Romano-British settlement near Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. This skeleton and a caltrop, a Roman era area denial weapon, similar to police spikes used to stop cars today, were unearthed at the Grange Paddocks site.		Source: East Herts District Council

Archaeologists Stumble Upon Key Romano-British Trade Center

Archaeologists performing excavations near Bishop’s Stortford, an historic market town in Hertfordshire, England, have uncovered the ruins of a Romano-British settlement that served as a commercial...
England’s Long Man Vandalized By Covid-19 Criminals

England’s Long Man Vandalized By Covid-19 Criminals

Police in England are hunting for two vandals who have wilfully defaced the historic English “long man” geo-glyph with a tasteless Covid-19 facemask. The “Long Man of Wilmington” is a giant chalk...
Cerne Abbas Giant chalk figure, in Dorset, England is now believed to be less than 350 years old!       Source: PeteHarlow / CC BY-SA 3.0

Research Shows Cerne Abbas Giant Chalk Figure Is NOT Ancient

In Britain, researchers believe that they are finally able to date the mysterious gigantic chalk figure at Cerne Abbas . The Cerne Abbas Giant has intrigued people for at least a century as its...
Sword in the Stone is one tale from Arthurian legend. Source: Melkor3D / Adobe Stock.

Arthurian Legend – Medieval Literature Laced With Truth?

Arthurian legend refers to the body of works surrounding King Arthur and his knights. Arthurian legend forms the centerpiece of the Matter of Britain, which is the body of medieval literature and...
One of the Roman slave skeletons alongside a pot found at the burial site in Somerset, England. Source: Wessex Archaeology

50 Roman Slaves Found Buried with ‘Care’ in England

A Roman slave burial ground has been found near what was once a great ancient villa in Britain. Many of the graves are very unusual, and they provide a glimpse into the impact of Rome on the local...