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Roman Roads

Roman soldiers marching along a Roman road. Source: mehaniq41/Adobe Stock

Extensive Roman Road Network Covering Devon and Cornwall Revealed in UK

A Roman road network crossing Devon and Cornwall in the UK connecting significant settlements with military forts across the two counties as well as wider Britannia has been revealed for the first...
Singular Roman soldier gazing over the glens ( serpeblu / Adobe Stock)

Remnants Of Roman Roads And Fortresses In Scotland

The Romans occupied what is today Britain between the late first to mid-fifth centuries. To move their legions from one place to another, they built over pre-existing trackways to form the...
Pavement mosaics showing ‘Sarn Helen’ routes in Wales, one of which lies between the two mosaics.

Following ‘Sarn Helen’, an Ancient Roman Network of Roads, Across Wales

Looking at a detailed roadmap of Wales, one will notice an unusual feature; alongside, and sometimes between the expected highways and scenic byways is a broken assortment of dotted lines identified...