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Roman pantheon

The Roman Pantheon. Source: Iakov Kalinin / Adobe Stock.

The Incredible Architecture of the Roman Pantheon (Video)

The Roman Pantheon , built in 27 BC by Marcus Agrippa , stands as a remarkable example of ancient architectural brilliance, captivating modern minds despite the ubiquity of contemporary...
One of the many statues of Neptune, Roman god of fresh and sea water and more.    Source: eurobanks / Adobe Stock

Neptune: The Evolving Roman God Of Fresh Water, The Sea and Horses

The ancient Romans believed that Neptune was the god of the sea. Although he is most commonly compared to the Greek god Poseidon , this had not always been the case. Originally, Neptune was a god of...
The Council of The Gods.

The Roman Pantheon Had A God for All Seasons - And Then Some

The Romans were a polytheistic people who worshiped a great number of gods. Nevertheless, the most important gods in the Roman pantheon are the twelve gods and goddesses of the Dii Consentes , who...